Life style design from Japan


Who is Sebastian?

Sebastian, name of this shop, is an imaginary friend of mine, to whom I would like to introduce my favourite products from Japan.

I am from Japan, an owner of this shop. I‘ve been living in Finland for 16 yrs, started to lose Japaneseness bit by bit. Instead, I’ve gained rather fresh eyes to Japanese life style products. Yes, Japan is full of beautiful design and crafts, yet they are quite well hidden. 

As I myself started to travel through Japan to find out where are those beautiful products and what kinds of people are behind them, I could not stop telling around about these hidden gems. 

Sebastian might be Johanna. Sebastian could be Tony. Sebastian is you. Please share with me these surprises, wonders, and hopes on the  beauties from Japan.

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Marix Film, debut in Europe.

June 12, 2023

Isn’t it a perfect life story behind Marix Film debut in my shop, Shop for Sebastian? After hearing Mr Hida’s plan about Marix Film, I already knew that I would deliver them to Europe. It’s almost like a “set up”. There was no other choices for me, than dealing with this new brand, Marix Film. […]