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Marix Film, debut in Europe.

Isn’t it a perfect life story behind Marix Film debut in my shop, Shop for Sebastian? After hearing Mr Hida’s plan about Marix Film, I already knew that I would deliver them to Europe. It’s almost like a “set up”. There was no other choices for me, than dealing with this new brand, Marix Film.

When I shot couple of Marix films with my old cameras, I believed in Marix Film. Its warm color and clear shades. Yes, nostalgic. But it gives a feeling, that there’s much potential in its films. I want to try with different types of lights, occasions, objects, etc. Marix Film is just a right choice both for “returned film photographers” like me or Mr Hida, and new generations who step into film photography from now. With 5 different variations, Marix Film is now available through Shop for Sebastian to Europe.

Thank you Mr Hida for your challenge. I appreciate.