Life style design from Japan


Marix Film, debut in Europe.

June 12, 2023 Brand, Event

Isn’t it a perfect life story behind Marix Film debut in my shop, Shop for Sebastian? After hearing Mr Hida’s plan about Marix Film, I already knew that I would deliver them to Europe. It’s almost like a “set up”. There was no other choices for me, than dealing with this new brand, Marix Film. […]

Ciqi, eyewear with music and colors

October 29, 2021 Brand, Event

When I met (over the computer screen) Mr Yoshiaki Obara, he seems to be a “music” person. And my guess was right. He designs all eyewear models at Ciqi. Each model name is quite often related to music. For example, sleek yet round model is Weller, named after Paul Weller from The Style Council. Metal […]

Finally it’s open

September 13, 2021 Brand, Event

This day, today, finally this online shop, Sebastian has opened its door to the world. Since I got the idea to select life style design products from Japan to the Nordics, how long has it been? I try to look back the day.